Saunders Studios Digital Creation can provide you with industrial, exhibit, and display design services. We are a small operation with low overhead and world class creative. We have over 25 years combined design and engineering experience. Our industrial designers and engineers on the digital creation side of the business are complemented by our expert craftsmen and model makers on the physical creation side of the business.

Trade Show Exhibits:
With experience designing for budgets ranging from $10,000 to $5,000,000 we have seen a wide range of clients. No job is too small or too big, so let us help you design your exhibit – whether its 10×10 or 100×400 and everywhere in between. We will provide you with rough initial concepts to get feedback and direction. From there we will work with you and your ad agency (if you have one) to develop your exhibit and produce photo-realistic renderings so you can see what the end result will be. We can also provide you with an animated fly-through of your exhibit so you can thoroughly explore and understand the space. From there, we can produce shop drawings and work with an exhibit fabricator to get your exhibit built correctly and in time for your show(s).

Retail Displays:
We have experience designing both permanent and temporary retail displays. Whether you need a corrugated end cap or a display with a rigid structure that needs to last for years, we can design a display for you. We will produce photo-realistic renderings of our designs for your approval process. From there, we can build you a prototype model and then work with a display fabricator of your choice or recommend one to you.

3D Animation, Visualization, and New Media:
In addition to beautiful photo-realistic still renderings, we can produce a fully animated fly through (or fly around) of your exhibit, display, architectural, or product design project. These services go hand in hand with our motion graphics, new media, and sales presentation capabilities. We will work with you to produce an animated, high impact sales presentation that will WOW your prospective clients.

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Saunders Studios Physical Creation can provide you with model making and prototyping services. Our goal is to help you in the design and presentation process. We can produce physical models and prototypes using either the latest technology or the simplest form of hand carving and shaping. We are able to work from 3D computer files or napkin sketches or anything else you come up with. On the digital creation side of the business we have industrial designers, graphic designers, draftsmen, renderers and animators who are able to develop your ideas and concepts. We will work with you to make sure your project has the impact it needs to rise above the competition.

With over forty years of experience creating physical models there are very few elements of this industry that we are not familiar with. Protecting the work of our clients is of the utmost importance to us. This unfortunately means that the vast majority of our work can not be photographed. We have included a small sampling of jobs that we were able to photograph while under construction in the portfolio section of our site. We are a small firm striving to keep overhead down and quality high. Please let us know if there’s anyway we can assist you.

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Appearance Models – Architectural Models – Prototype Models